A product liability case can involve liability against a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of a dangerous or defective product. Products liability law is further divided between manufacturing defects and design defects.

Manufacturing defects are problems with the product that prevent it from performing in a safe manner as promised by the manufacturer, products that fail to carry an appropriate warning label or products with instructions that are inaccurate or leave out an essential element of the product’s assembly or function. An example of a manufacturer’s defect would be a child seat with poor installation instructions or a toy with a sharp edge that was intended to be smooth.

Design flaws are problems with products that make them hazardous when used as the manufacturer intended. An example of a design flaw would be a tire that blows out at 55 miles per hour or a toy that is a choking hazard for its targeted age group.

Given the nature of pursuing these cases–against a manufacturer or retailer–these cases can be quite complicated and involved, and might even affect a large group of people. To prevail in a products liability case, you must prove the defect caused the injury and that you were not improperly using the product. As with any other personal injury case, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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