Generally, airplane travel is one of the safest modes of transportation. But when an airplane incident does occur, they often result in critical injury or are fatal. Such an event has a devastating impact on the survivors’ lives, whether they are a surviving passenger or family member of a plane crash victim. The first priority for the survivors is usually putting their lives back together and dealing with the physical, emotional impacts from the crash. It is also important for the survivors to make sure they’re taking steps to preserve their legal rights in the meantime. Just like any other lawsuit, there are timelines involved. The sooner you contact an attorney to preserve your rights, the better.

Prosecuting a civil aviation-related lawsuit is, understandably, a complex undertaking. First, myriad rules, regulations and state and federal statutes interact to make it difficult to negotiate the aviation litigation framework. Next, determining the cause of the crash will involve the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration and, most likely, other state and federal agencies. This will also require multiple expert consultants and witnesses, who are costly to hire. These experts include metallurgists, avionics experts, aeronautics engineers, meteorologists and mechanical experts. Finally, potentially liable parties vary depending on the cause of the incident. The owner and operator of the aircraft might be liable, manufacturers or maintenance suppliers might be liable in certain circumstances–even the federal government can have some responsibility in an aircraft incident or crash.

I handle aviation incidents ranging from wrongful death in a crash or collision to comparatively minor injuries that might occur on a plane while it is in flight or gated at the airport terminal.

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