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Josh Lamborn brings with him to the civil arena an understanding of trauma survivors, excellent interpersonal and communication skills and unmatched trial experience. As a former Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney, Josh has worked extensively with victims of violent crime, including kidnapping, assault, vehicular assault, sexual abuse and domestic violence. In his 12 years as a prosecutor, Josh amassed well over 100 jury trials for crimes ranging from Rape to Robbery to Aggravated Murder.

While settling a case might sometimes be in your best interest, Josh is a trial lawyer; he will not take your case in the hopes of settling it to avoid a trial. Insurance company lawyers try to settle lawsuits for as cheaply as possible, and only the realistic threat of a trial keeps them honest. Other personal injury lawyers settle cases they know are worth more money simply to avoid trial. Josh will not settle a case unless you are getting the maximum compensation available.

Josh graduated with honors in 1993 while earning his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from California State University Chico. He graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School in 1997 and passed the Oregon State Bar exam in August 1997. At that time, he had more than 20 misdemeanor criminal jury trials under his belt as an intern at the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office. He has completed training courses in Trial Advocacy and DNA at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina. From 2007 to 2009, he was an instructor at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, where he trained police cadets on Courtroom Testimony, Constitutional Law, Felony Person Crimes, Domestic Violence and Juvenile Law. In his spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor activities like fishing, swimming and golf.